Henry VIII – man or monster?

What do you think about Henry VIII? The main assessment is about how significant he was, but what do you think about his character and actions? A nice chap who you’d like to have around for tea? Or a bit on the sexist side? Have your say below.


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  1. Ollie Says:

    3 reasons why king Henry VIII made such a big impact on England
    1.He changed the church so that Kings or Queens cannot be Catholic
    2.He married six different people and killed two making most people think he is evil.
    3.He had 3 children just so he could have a son because he said that women were not worthey to rule the country so i supose he was a he was sexist. Number 1. is a present significance as it has carried on thoughout all these years. Number 2. is a contemporary significance as it was only mainly important at the time and number 3 is a casual significance because Henry VIII’s life was never the same after as everyone thought about him differently.
    I think Henry VIII was both man and monster

    I think Henry was both man and monster

    • Josh Hayes Says:

      He wasn’t sexist because England needed a successor who would lead the to winning battles. Women have never faughtin battles and having one as a monarch would make the country look weak. Of course, this was in the 16th century so my opinion would be slightly different if I was explaining my opinion from the 21st century.

    • Ebola Says:


    • zaynab Says:

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  2. Jade s = luvliness!! XxXx Says:

    I think henty was a horrid man. he was mean to everybody and he was sexist because he wanted a boy to take over the tgrone because he thought women were unfit to run a contry. he was important because he fought lots of wars but he was still a fat pig!!

    by Jade s

    • chloeee Says:

      i agree with u from chloeee

      • Alex Says:

        funny you mention that, the reason why he did not see woman fit to rule is because in my honest opinion woman cannot rule as a man could. the reason i say woman cannot rule adequately is because of our physical and emotion differences, everyone knows a woman cannot control her temper during her menstrual cycle.

      • kg6fen Says:

        This is for all that think a woman can’t run a country. Yeah we have our moods and we aren’t perfect but no one is perfect. Henry the 8th was selfish. And to cheat or lie to get what you want in life is wrong. What ever happened to love? Oh and men not all but some are bad when they drink too much.

    • Sarah Miller Says:

      but remember this, this was in a time where the mentality was that dudes were better than ladies so you really cant blame him for being sexist…

    • J.R.R. Token Says:

      There were many women who were ruling queens, and there were many women in the court who were admired for their leadership skills and intelligence. Henry the 8th’s first wife was one of them, and was a crusader for the education of women. The problem with not having any male heirs was a matter of continuation of a House. The Tudors did not vanish off the face of the Earth, it’s just that eventually, there were no male heirs to the throne to carry the name, and it passed to another house.If Elizabeth the 1st…the last of the Tudors, had married and had children, they would have been of their father’s house.

      If Alex was a logical individual who came to conclusions based on facts, rather than emotions, he would have known this.

  3. sheldon hancock Says:

    I think that Henry the viii is popular because he is the king and he would be popular.He devers to be popular because he would kill us all.

    Also i think he is popular because he is rich and he kills people for no good reson for it at tall.

    next i think he is popular because everbody worships him and stuff.

    he is a sexist pig of one of a kind.

    Henry the 8th is changing the church in the 16th century.

  4. Nathan Roberts Says:

    I think Henry VIII is a monster because he killed loads of innocent people. At the time of Henry VIII I think he was quite important to some people because he was the king of England. He is still remembered now for his creation of a new church and religion. I think he was quite important in some ways because if he wasn’t alive than we wouldn’t have that religion.
    Another thing that people remember him for now is his fatness and how cruel he could be to people if they did the slightest thing bad against him. That is how his reputation stands now that he was a fat, evil king.

  5. zak Says:

    3 reasons why henry VII made such a big impact on england.

    1.) He changed the church so that no other king or queen can be catholic.
    (Turning point)

    2.) He had six wives and wanted a son, he thought that a woman would not be fit enough to rule the country.

    3.) He had 3 children one was a boy.

    I am not sure about the third one but never mind.

  6. Rhiannon Williams Says:

    Henry has Present significance because he built the Christian Church and we still have it today this was also of Turning Point significance as the view of the church was never the same again it could also be looked at as Symbolic because the Christian Church is still like it was today and thats a big thing. He aslo has Contemporary significance aswell because he was the great King of his time and everyone obeyed him. He killed alot of people and this was Revelatory significance because you can say that he was quite a violent person because of all the killing. Another significance he had was Causal significance because he wiped out the Catholic Churches and this caused the Catholics to rebell against the desicion.

  7. Aimee Sims Says:

    I think Henry VIII is a monster and i would not like to be his friend. I bet if you just spoke to him he would behead you for it. He killed all those innocent people because he was a fat old pig that had nothing better to do than ruin lives. I think Henry was very important in those days but not so important now. The only thing that is very important really about henry is that he started the the church of england. If you think about it though if it wasnt for Thomas Cromwell setting up his marriage he never would of started the church in the first place. Also i think its pretty important that we can see how many people he killed because it shows things about society or people generally ( that alot of people are evil and like watching suffering like its a TV show )

  8. M!r!am x Says:

    i think Henry VIII was very selfish, i think he was very important because he was a king. He was very important at the time because he was rich and he is also impotrtant now because we notice him to have 6 wives and this interestes us. he also set the church up and its still with us today!

    m!r!am xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Elliott Jarman Says:

    I think that Henry was a monster Because all he did was cut peoples head off and kill people he hated.

    Revelatory-Its important because it reveals things about society or people generally.

    When he became king more killing began and alot of new laws came in.

    Causal-Its important because it caused something to happen.

    He only had so many wifes because he wanted to get a son and i think that very evil.

    Turning Point-Its important because life was never quite the same afterwards.

  10. Lucy Bertenshaw Says:

    Henry VIII has Contemporary significance because he was the king in that period of time so it is obvious. He also had Causal significance because when he banned the Cathlic church it caused the Cathlics to rebell against it as it changed how they were allowed to be religious. It also counts for the Turning Point significance as their life was never the same & it is still the same today. It is aswell, symbolic. He also had Revalatory Signicifence as he killed & despised so many people so it shows he was quite a rough & cruel person. (not finished yet)

  11. Casey P = Says:

    I think henry is a selfish fat pig that can not get a life. I hate him and i dont no how he could run and fight in the war as he is so fat.

  12. Emmy H Says:

    I think Henry the V||| is important because he changed the religion in the church which is important because otherwise we would all be Catholics it was Causal. He chopped a lot of peoples heads off which was Contemporary. He was a king so everyone obeyed him, well they kind of had to that was also contemporary. He only wanted a son because he thought boy’s should rule the country and girls shouldn’t in that case he was sexist. He had 6 wives which made people remember him as important some of his wives didn’t even love him, he forced them to. Everyone remembered him as being fat he ate a lot it was Revelatory.

  13. jennifer smith Says:

    I think Henry V||| is important because,
    1. He had 6 wives, this isn’t that important but people find it interesting so they want to find out about more.
    2. He changed all the churches from catholic to protestant, this is important because protestant churches are still around today, if there is a king or queen they have to be protestant, it’s the law .
    3. He was evil because he chopped people’s heads off this shows how evil some people can be.
    4. He was king so everyone had to obey; if they didn’t then they would have their heads chopped off.
    5. He only wanted a boy, so the boy could be king; he thought that girls shouldn’t rule the country. This is important because it shows that some people are really sexist.

  14. Emma Says:

    I think all of you need to sit down and actually read about Henry Viii. he is one of the best monarchs we have ever had and he dealt with matters the way he saw fit. Everybody in the 16th century belived that you needed a son as an heir. It was just the done thing. So therefor HEnry was not sexist, it was just thier morals at the time. Even small families of not great importance would want a son to continue on the family line. Beheading was also a must of the time. If somebody did something wrong they were killed. Have none of you heard of the death sentance?
    Also if you actually read about his 6 wives you will understand why he had that many. He was married to Katherine of Aragon for years, and he was right to divorce her as she did have carnal knowledge of Arthur. Anne Bolyen was meant to have had affairs, in this time it meant treason and the punish for that was death.
    And as for Henry being fat, im not going to deny that but do any of you know that he had a couple of accidents which caused him to be disabled. The reason he was fat was because he phyisically couldnt exercise and tudor food is very rich and very fat and they eat a lot naturally.
    He did have his downsides, what monarch doesnt but overall he did very well with the plate he was handed. He helped to make England the way it is now.
    SO before you all start arguing against him I suggest you all find a historical book to read about him and then you will know the truth.
    Any comments would be recieved gladly

    (Lucy, at least you look at his significance and are more historical than bitchy)

    • Emma Says:

      o and to the question of whether he was a man or a monster, i believe the answer to be man because he did things the way he was taught and sometimes the way he was influenced by his council members. and his actions were based upon the way he was brought up and the morals and values of the times.
      Very good question by the way, i just wish people would answer things more historically.

    • Thomas John Boyd Says:

      The question wasn’t about his significance, of course he was or we would not be talking about him. The question was was he a bad man.

      The answer is yes, he was a mass murderer, adulterer and mad man who was childish and selfish. He used the death penalty far to freely and without thought for the human beings or there families. As for him caring about his son, he wasted all the money the crown stole from the monasteries and left him nothing.

      He was suppose to be a humanist but thats bollocks as his actions clearly show he was a MONSTER.

  15. maddie Says:

    Henry VIII didn’t start of mad, he had a jousting accsident and was unconscious for 2 hours! That is how he changed to the mad side of life and started chopping off peoples heads with his dreaded axe.It might have changed his pearsonality too.Henry wasn’t actually that dolallily bad he actually gave England a helping hand.Horrid Henry wasa great king.

  16. ellie mortimer Says:

    i think that henry was not a monster but a tubbled man who spent most of his time writing songs and poetry for his wives and children. he only did crule things for our benefit and if it wasn’t for him like my history teacher said life just wouldn’t be the same as it is now and we would most likely be all German and not English and we would all be writing in latin so therefor i think he is not a monster but A HERO!!! xxx

  17. emilyyyyyy Says:

    you are all right in some ways, and wrong in others. henry was a murderer but there were reasons for it and he was really a great king.
    (i think he was both: man and monster)

  18. chloeee Says:

    he was a sexist but revey horrible

  19. Prem Says:

    When Adolf Hitler was about to make an official visit to London
    he was asked what he was going to do when he got there,
    and he replied, “First things First ,I will go and visit the exact
    spot where King Henry the VII had his wives executed.”
    translated from German Cheers Pip Pip and have a spiffy day!

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  21. Katey Says:

    Henry the Eighth KILLED HIS WIFE. Therefore he is a monster. End of.

  22. jacob brister-thorne is cool Says:

    bob stole my catch frase he cool because he had six wives thats cool

  23. hello Says:

    He mad e the church of England.
    He made Wales have the same laws as England.
    He started the English navy.

  24. Jess!ca Says:


  25. BOB Says:


  26. Emowolf Says:

    i Think he’s a monster but he might hve just had misdirected anger problems. And thus he went around with an axe chopping off peoples heads

    Emowolf (eloise)

  27. JAKOWAKO Says:

    King Henry is a very weird guy because he had six wives and nearly bankrupt England because he spent it all on war stuff and not leaving any money for his son no fair!

  28. Lily Says:

    Henry was really good at jousting and he sometimes fought ‘in disguise’ and then later revealed his identity as the winner to the excited crowds, who had to pretend to be surprised! I think he was a man who had a hard job to do!

  29. Joanna Browne Says:

    He was evil because he executed around 78,000 people if i remember rightly

  30. albert is awesome Says:

    His motto was Coeur Loyal, meaning true heart which he showed on his clothes in the form of a heart symbol next to the word loyal

  31. albert is awesome Says:

    Henry the 8th was really horrid because he had six wives and it seamed like he treated murdering people as a sport.

    • tot Says:

      can you plez tell me 8 good things about henry viii

      • mrhistory Says:

        1. While he was around Scotland was weak (well, it was his wife who led the forces to defeat the Scots, but…)
        2. He began the English navy
        3. He made the king (the government) stronger than the Church
        4. He used Parliament a lot – which began to make Parliament more powerful.
        5. He made Wales have the same laws as England (maybe not good if you are Welsh)
        6. He set up a lot of what we say is the first modern government, using civil servants.
        7. He made England look strong even if he didn’t win that much
        8. He was tough with his enemies!

  32. b whelan Says:

    henry had 6 wives and was looking for a son to rule Britian after he died because he (and everyone eles) thought that a woman couldn’t rule the country!!he killed 2 of his wives and divorced another 2 just because he wanted a son which none of his wives could give him except Jane Semore!!!

  33. Charlotte Parsons Says:

    I think that Henry VIII was a horrible man.He thinks that he was powerful but every did not like him!!!Although he did make the church of England so that means he wasnt that bad of a man but he had six wives how horrible!!!!

  34. RJ Says:

    well, i think that henry VIII is an important historical figure in history.

    ‘Henry VIII’s most significant historical achievement was the destruction of the Roman Catholic faith in England. The impact of the Henrician reformation forever altered the course of English history.’

    However i think that it is also important to remember that he did kill many people and beheaded his wives as they stood up to him. He was also very sexist.

  35. tot Says:

    I think henry was a monster because he taxed and fined people alot.

  36. Assur Says:

    Monster. Why? Well, while we can agree on the fact that he did some good things for England in political and economical terms, religiously too (although Catholics would disagree), as a person he was pure evil. No offense, a woman cannot give birth to male children if the royal asshole doesn’t contribute to the conception with the Y chromosome. Agreed, they didn’t know that at the time, but come on! one couldn’t just go blaming the wives like that for not giving him boys. First, Catherine of Aragon was no good because she had given him a girl and what was the excuse? That she had been his brother’s woman? So where the Hell was he? Didn’t he know? Of course, the hypocrite knew. Then, when he didn’t like Anne anymore, since he had found Jane Seymour and was fornicating with her, he had the crappy excuse of adultery on her part. I mean, WHAT??? As if all posteriority, meaning us, would be a bunch of idiots. Catherine Howard was probably guilty. But how much adultery had he committed in all his lifetime? He was a MAN, and a king too, boo hoo!, but he was still under Christian law. Didn’t that mean that he was guilty in the eyes of God and the whole Christiandom? Well, yes.
    I mean, just because he was a king, doesn’t make him a lesser ass and hypocrite. In the end, that’s just what he is. And I’m so happy that history proved that the only one worthy to be his heir and more! the one who put him in the shade where he belonged, was a girl, the daughter treated like an illegitimate bastard. Eat that, “great king”. Too bad he didn’t live to eat his heart out.

  37. litle boy large Says:

    well i think henry the 8th is sexist but he did kill pepole for a reson the broke his law and how kares if he was nasty if he wasint pepole whould think tht the can walk over him so tht he could keep his pepole in rhigt and he did pertect his contry and he didnt what a women in carge of the country becouse he probly thougt tht it was a man job to be the ledery of the contry so tht wat i think

    tht he was a man

  38. josh Says:

    henry was a very sporty person in his younger days untill his later days when he got fat. he changed a lot of things like the religion of england this was a turning point in history. henry was a great man.

  39. Simon Sealey Says:

    Henry the VIII? Pft. Henry was undoubtedly the most prestigeous king of all time for our country. He changed the country, the way we live, even our culture. No matter how much you argue, he DID really make himself known. 30,000 people killed by him. 6 wives. And the largest amount of responsibilty for our country we have probably ever known. He’s an important person. In fact, one of the BEST. That’s why Henry VIII is significant.

  40. callum Says:

    henry was an attractive and charismatic man in his prime, educated and accomplished man,

  41. napster Says:

    i think henry is a mean old fat man that does horrible things to people xxxxx

  42. jacobbbbbbb gerrardddoo Says:

    i think henry was a player, going out with 6 wives and then he had a load of women that wanted to go out with him also. he also wanted a boy to run after he passes so he is a bit sexist. ❤ XXXXX

  43. kacperrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Says:

    i think that henrry the 8th is a brutel king but some times he could be a good king.

  44. Ellie Says:

    I think he was an over weight horrid man. He only thought about himself. I mean he changed the countrys religion just to divorse his first wife!


    To a certain extent, Henry VIII was a monster as he had two of his six wives beheaded just because they could not give him a son, and this is one of the things he is known for. He also destroyed the monasteries and stole riches from the Monks. Some of the things he did were not as bad, for instance, he became the head of the church of England because he wanted to divorce one of his wives, and the Pope would not allow it, so he took over the church. He wrote a book on religion and the Pope approved of it. He also did some good things in his time, he improved the drainage and the sewers for the poor, and he started the English Naval board, and he improved the defenses of the English Navy.Some of the things he did in his life were not great so to me he was a MONSTER, BUT ALSO A MAN.

  46. Charlotte Says:

    Henry did many things for both good and bad reasons . He changed the religion from catholic to church of England. He has made a big impact on our lives. The main reason everyone remembers him is because he had 6 wives divorced beheaded died , divorced beheaded widowhood is the order of how his marriages ended. Henry was a monster and a man. Henry was very sexist he did not believe that a woman could rule the country !

  47. Jasmine Pike courtfields (year 8) Says:

    Henry did many bad things including beheading 2 out out of 6 of his wife’s and 2 out of 6 wifes he divorced all because they coundn’t give him a boy. Henry’s third wife Jane Seymour gave him a son but sadly she died. He killed 30,000 that is about 5 people a day. Henry did good things including changing the Church of England from Catholic to Christian’s so Henry ruled the church.

  48. Charlotte Says:

    I think Henry VIII was a good man because he created the Church of England. If he hadn’t of done this, then modern England would be very different. He started the English Navy which we owe him for. He used to be a good jouster; he had some accidents and got some minor disabilities. This meant he couldn’t get as much exercise that was needed to stay in good health, as Tudor food was very rich and high in fat. But, he was also a bad man. He had six wives, as he wanted an heir to the throne. However, he only wanted a male heir as he believed females were ‘unworthy of ruling the country’ proving he is a bit sexist. He is significant because he is a very powerful man, and even may be one of the most well known English kings.

  49. o.c Says:


  50. o.c Says:

    He is a bit sexist.

  51. Charley Says:

    I think Henry 8th was horrid man who only thought about himself and no one else. Yes he changed the Country but only to divorce his frist wife! I think he was very sexist that the didn’t believe that a woman could rule the country!!

  52. Elizz. ツ Says:

    Henry VIII was horrible. He was fat, he was ugly, he married 6 women, and he killed many, many people for stupid reasons. He used to be sporty and healthy when he was younger, but he ruined all that by eating amazing amounts of food. His fault he died so young.

  53. PhoebeJ!!! Says:

    king henry the eighth had 6 wifes which shows that he was probaly quite intrested in woman.
    however i think it was quite mean to divorce/ killed two of his wifes because they didnt give him sons.
    he also killed many people for very silly reasons and was very sexist as he thought that only a man would be able to run the country.
    also he only changed the english religon so he could divorce his wife.
    so i agree with charley that he is a MONSTER!!!!!!!

  54. Ashleigh Grabham Says:

    Henry vIII done many things and agreed to do stuff what the public wanted that made himself quite popular back then like he created the church of England and and he started the English Navy. He also liked his women too, he had six wifes which were Catherine of Aragon (divorced), Anne Boleyn (Executed), Jane Seymour (Died), Anne of Cleves (Divorced), Kathryn Howard (Executed) and Kathrine parr (widowed). Some of his wifes he didnt need to divorce or execute its only cause his wifes wouldnt give him a son, its stupid that he didnt think women could rule the country of course they can !! 🙂

  55. Sharnie J :) Says:

    I think Henry VIII was a good man as he created the Church of England and the whole country had changed, if he had not done this then England would be very different. I also think he was a bit of a monster as he had killed and divorced 5 of his wives, I understand what reasons he done this for, but he is still mean for this. I also think he is a bit sexist as he thought women couldn’t run the country. Overall I think Henry VIII is a bit of both to be honest.

  56. rebecca:) Says:

    he is a MONSTER!!! he killed some of hes wife’s and divorce some of the because they couldnt give him son’s! and he is very sexist as well he said only men can rule the country!(women can as well)!

  57. Ashleigh Hollick Says:

    Henry is a monster because he loved war, in fact he spent a fortune on it and nearly bankrupting England! Also he was very sexist saying that a lady couldn’t rule (look at our queen now)! He closed all the monasteries to steel there wealth and he this about one of his wives: “she looks like a Flemish cow, her body being so loathsome and her smell so rank”

  58. robbbbbbb Says:

    I think henry 8th was a very powerful king and selfish king. He loved to fight and go to war and he also made very big changes in today like he made himself head of the church of England and its the same still now

  59. Chris Says:

    To start with Henry was good but as he got older and went through the wifes he got worse and worse gradually eg(closing monastries) until there was nothing left but a fat king with no kindness left within for this reason i belive along with others that he was once a man but at the end was an entire monster.

  60. Leona Jolly Says:

    I think that henry is a monster because he is very sexist and he killed two of his wives and he changed the english law to just get divorced but then again he probly might of loved his wives when he married them but then again he might not have really so i think he is a………. 🙂

  61. joe.s Says:

    Henry is a monster because he loved war he spent a lot of money nearly bankrupting england by the end.He rasied a lot of money by closing down monasteries so he could steal there money.He made his wives suffer – killed and divorced many of them because he wanted a son.even though he did all these bad things he created the english navy in 1540s.In conclusion i think he is a man as well as a monster.

  62. jacob Says:

    man cause theres no such thing as monsters

  63. Finley Norvell Says:

    Henry VIII is a good man for leading england to many triumps but mainly a monster for killing innocent lives and butchering public people some people say vile others say disgusting king HENRY is a horrible leader but the bad thing to over rule that comment is that he was the king and a good one at that!

  64. richard Says:

    henryv111 wos more of a monster than a man because
    he beheaded 2 of his 6 wives and lead us into war

  65. callumwarren Says:

    i think henry is a monter because he killed 2 of his wives and was
    evil to wommen .

  66. josh the nommer Says:

    henry VIII is a monster because all the executions to his wives and to over half the population of the uk, he thought women couldn’t run the country.

    he also changed a lot of things in england including the religion!!!!!

    lol nom 😀

  67. Grace:)xx Says:

    He is like a monster cause he killed like 2 or 3 of his wives and divorces some of them just becausethey didnt give him a baby boy…bit stupid if u ask me and he thought he was well hard but to be honest he was just a fat old cowwho neded to gt a life and stop like killing inicent people…. and if i was one of his wives i would have told him to like pe of before he kut of ma head:)))xx

  68. Kaite Sattler Says:

    I think that Henry VIII was a monster. I agree with Josh the nommer, it is because of all the executions. I also don’t agree with him having 6 wives. 6?! Personally, I think that if he hadn’t have died, he would have kept on going, haveing 7,8 or maybe even 9 wives. Another reason for my hatrid, is he changed the county’s religion. I don’t think this is fair, because he is telling the whole of Tudor England, to suddenly drop all that they believe in, and all because he wanted to get a divorce! I think that people, rich or rags, should be able to decide what they believe in themselves! There, you have now heard a few reasons why I think that Henry VIII was a monster.

  69. Jessie.G Says:

    Henry VIII was a monster because we only created the church of england to divorce Cathryn Howard! I think he was a very selfish guy and had six wives just hoping to have a baby boy with one of them because he thought girls would not be good at ruleing the country !!!

  70. Lauren :) Says:

    I think that Henry was a horrible man because all he wanted from his wives was a baby boy. He divorced them because of it, which is so stupid and why do you need 6 wives? Whats wrong with one?!
    Henry was a mean man who divorced,killed and forced to marry people.
    He was a monster!!!

  71. Alice Hall Says:

    herny the 8th was a monster. 3 reasons why:

    1) he treated women really badly, he killed 2 of his wives and many other women.
    2) he forced young women in to marrying him. As his was king they had no choice but to marry him
    3) he had to get his way otherwise there was trouble. like when he burnt down lots of churchs and started his own church just to divorce his wife.

    so basically he was just plain EVIL!!!!!!

    • Gem Says:

      I agree with you here he is very evil but you can still see both sides of the story but in my opinion he was more monster than man! 😀 xxx

  72. Chey Waygood Says:

    I think henry was evil because he only married his wifes because he wanted a baby boy from them, then he killed to of them! He was also very sexist!!

  73. Kevin Byatt Says:

    The thing about Henry V111 is , that he was a very immature man. He was probably one of the very worst kings England ever had. He ruled by fear, not by installing love in people.It was a shame that such a selfish, immature and self absorbed man ever became king of England. His reign which started with such promise as he was born through his mother and father to be the joining of the House’s of York and Lancaster. Thus cementing the very end of the Wars of the Rose’s, ended with him being a fat ever more self indulgent man who was becoming rapidly hated by the English Populous. What did he really do, what did he really achieve in his 37 year reign, not much. If he had been a good and benevolent king he could have achieved so much more, and he would have gone down in history as being much loved. But , he wasn’t good or benevolent. His reign almost immediately began with executions, which continued right up untill the year that he died. Included in the 50,000 to 70,000 executions in his 37 years were some of the most intellectual minds of the day, who through not believing what he believed, paid with it, with their very lives. Other executions were carried out because of fear, jealousy or self indulgence or for not much reason at all, and mostly with trumped up charges where the prisoner did not even recieve any semblance of a fair trial.
    The formation of the Church of England did not come about by design but more by accident. Henry had no real reason to break with the Catholic church, ( when he was a younger man, he was named by the Pope, Defender of the Faith ) only in so fair as he wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon, The Church of England was not formed through or by any noble reasoning merely it came about only because of one man’s selfish desires, that ultimately led to the dissolution of the monestaries and thousands upon thousands of people being murdered. In this respect, Henry V111, is right up there with Stalin, Hitler and Genghis Khan as being one of the greatest mass murderers in history.
    As an example of his immaturity, that famous wrestling match at the Field of Cloth of Gold in France, where Henry who thought he would easily over power Frances the first, got instead beaten by the French King, at which, Henry went of in a sulk, pulled up his tents and left. This king really had the maturaty of a child, who always wanted his own way, even if he had to murder people to get it !
    The very best thing that this king ever did was to marry Anne Boleyn and then father Elizabeth. But he was too selfish, foolish and self absorbed to ever realize what he really had. If he would have stayed married to Anne, that beautiful, intelligent and cultured woman then he would have had a happy family life in which Elizabeth could grow with a loving devoted mother by her side. But his immaturaty , self absorbtions and self indulgances led him to die a grossly overweight and not much loved king.
    No immature man can ever be called a very good king and Henry V111 was one of the worst kings in history.

  74. Jack Golding Says:

    Henry V111 was undoubtedly a monster however by ridding England of Rome he saved us from the poverty which until recently was all too prevalent in countries such as Spain Ireland and many others that held onto the Roman Catholic faith. Rome still offers Christians some good advice and the Roman church in England differs greatly from Henrys time.What it lacks so often is common sense solutions on day to day human problems. So thank you Henry for what was a great evil came good.

    • mrhistory Says:

      Interesting response Jack. There is a theory that Protestantism helped create the work ethic that led to development in the countries that adopted that religion. Some Marxist historians argue the cause and effect a bit differently, saying that the revolt against the Catholic Church in Europe (and even in England if you believe there were people pushing for change other than Henry and his divorce) was due to changes in the way people work – the development of early capitalism. Merchants and others felt held back by feudalism and the Catholic Church that was very much a part of the old feudal system, so Protestantism was part of that revolt. If you believe that Catholism held some places back in poverty, which way round do you think it was – did changes in belief (Protestantism) encourage development or were there forces pushing for development that led to the adoption of Protestantism as a way of breaking free from the Catholic Church and feudalism?

  75. Thomas John Boyd Says:

    Henry VIII was a dickhead. He cared only for himself. He only destroyed the catholic church because the crown was broke and they had lots of money for him to get his hands on.

    He murdered friends, wives and innocent subjects whom he accused of treason and being traitors, but he knew fine well that his subjects feared his majesty and saw him as placed as king by God (Divine Right). He murdered because he grew bored of things easly and listened to manipulative advisors then killed them once he tired of them.

    He was an adultering sexist who loved women only for there bodies or there abilities to produce a son. He treated all his wives badly except Jane (she died after giving birth to his son). He treated his daughters worse declaring them bastards, abandoning ones mother, beheading the others and not seeing them for large periods of time. I think personaly the sickest thing he did was marry and kill his 5th wife an attractive young teenager when he was a very fat dirty old man just for sleeping with a young man more her age (well duh) she was only a kid getting up to mischief as kids do.

    Lastly I hate him because his forces wiped out the whole Scottish army and killed his sisters husband James IV at Shrewsburry, being a Scot I don’t like that.

    He was a prick of a man and nowhere near as great a person as say Henry V or his daughter Elizabeth I.

    As for his controbution to Protestantism it was rife all over europe anyway and would have happeded sooner or later anyhow.

  76. Kevin Byatt Says:

    Very true

  77. Robert Leeman Says:

    Henry VIII was a monster plain and simple. He cared nothing about anyone or anything except his own selfish interests. During his reign of terror no one who came in contact with him was better off for having done so. For most it was their ruin. His only credit was leaving a daughter that despite his efforts went on to become an anti-Henry, a great ruler who stood for wisdom, discretion and good leadership. And her greatest tribute to her evil father was to never marry or have children so as to insure there would never be another Tudor monster such as her father to sit on the throne.

  78. tori Says:

    i think he was not at all nice. he killed 75000 people or so, not rid of 100s of chirchsand killed 2 of his wifes

  79. Josh Crabtree Says:

    Henry VIII was a terrible monster by brutally killing innocent people. He cared just for himself not others, he was very selfish. Durng his reign terror was put into everyones eyes when seeing him. At first all the ladies adored him but from 1 wife to another he got worse with 2 of them executed he was disliked. He had no kindness and wanted his own way all the time and if he didnt get it he would kill. With 78,000 died he wasn’t all monster, he did do a couple of good things suprisingly enough. Like;
    He started the English Navy.
    If you would call this good he joined England and Wales together 😀

    Henry wasn’t all monster but mainly monster he is important because he as recognised as being shocking and brutal.

    • Charlotte Tyler Says:

      I agree with you josh i think because his mum died it changed his life and he became very cold towards his feelings aswell as others he wasn’t all monster but did do some very nasty brutal stuff.

    • Ben styles Says:

      Josh you make a lotb of good points and i agree with you that he was suprising that he did something good.

  80. chloe.T Says:

    i think henry 8th is not a very nice man as he had two of his wifes killed and said that one of them looks like a flemish cow and he body being so loathsome and her smell so rank. and he said that woman would not be able to rule the whole of england. that is being sexiest!

  81. Gem Says:

    I think he is a man and a monster because He was the king of England and he has got to have alot of power to control all of his people and the country but this led to him becoming a monster because he executed while he reigned over the country! He was also very disrespectful towards his six wives after beheading two of them and only wanting a son not a daughter but his daughters shown him right as his first and second daughter was very strong willed! Then again he was a man because he began the English navy which we still have now and created the Church of England ! So basically you can argue both side of this story!
    But i think he is a monster for killing several people including two of his wives !!! 🙂 xxxxx

  82. Imogen Says:

    I think that Herny VIII was really mean and all he cared about was getting himself a son to take over when he died. He killed around 75000 people only becuase they didn’t agree with Herny decisions.He only really loved his third Wife who gave him his only Son. All togther he had six wifes, 2 of them he divorced, 2 of them got executed, 1 of them died and the other survived and became a widow becuase Herny VIII died.

  83. cj Says:

    i think henry 8th is a monster because he was only satisfied by a baby boy and killed two of his wifes, divorsed two,one died normaly after birth and luckly he couldn’t do anything to one of them because he died!

  84. choe.t Says:

    i think henry 8th was a monster because he killed two of his wifes and divorced another two. he wasen’t satisfied by baby girls ony baby boys.he was also sexist because e said woman could not rule the whole of england proberly!

  85. Lucy smith Says:

    I think Henry VIII is a monster because he killed 3 of his wives and 73,000 other people. He likes war. And is so sexist because he thinks women can’t rule the country!!!

  86. Charlotte Tyler Says:

    Henry was a person you could remember as he treated people disrespectfully! He had 6 wives wifes and didnt have respect for any of them and didnt care that he was a role model to his country because young men would think that it’s right to treat women that way.He had a very hard up bringing as his mother Elizabeth of york died when he was eleven and also about the same time his brother died, so i think he became very cold towards his own feelings aswell as others.He put are country in danger when he spent a fortune nearly bankrupting England.He also was very cruel towards having daughters as he thought they weren’t as good as boys!He destroyed all the mounatries which effected most people he was being very selfish !He ended up with so much anger i dont think he was the right man to rule the country. I think he felt alone and the women he married comforted him thats why he treated them that way. I think maybe if his mother hadn’t died when he was so young his life may have been very different.

  87. Grace Says:

    I think Henry VIII was a monster because he executed 2 of his wives and divorced 2. Also, he killed all the nuns and monks as he wanted no monks or nuns – he destroyed all monasteries. This little bit of information makes Henry VIII a monster.

  88. Danielle Campbell xoxoxo Says:

    i think that henry VIII was a monster because he didnt treat anyone with respect he beheaded 2 of his 6 wives……..also he didnt like his daughter because he only wanted sons….he also did not set a very good example to other men in england at the time….because the way he treated women other men may think that is the way to treat there wives…..he nearly drove our country into bankruptcy….i also think that he is a monster because he killed over 73,000 people for the slightest thing….henry was a very sexist man because he said that women were not that important and could never run the country….later on in life when he died his daughter elizabeth proved him wrong because she made a good queen…..I DEFINETLY THINK HE WAS A MONSTER!!! xoxoxoxoxo 😉

  89. Kevin Byatt Says:

    Well written Danielle, I agree.

  90. kian stafford Says:

    Henry had a personality of being both a monster and a man, he was a man beacuse he was king of england and he ruled for alot of years but he was sometimes a monster.When it came to beheading some wifes or killing alot of people. Henry always like to battle like a man.So I think that henryVIII was a man and a monster

    • Becky Gatling Says:

      Henry the 8th- man or monster???
      Monster!!!! I think Henry was evil and had a screw loose in the head! He killed soooooooo many people and some were for stuuuupid reasons! He was a brute and a buuly. And as for killing all his wives- The power so went to his head. he forgot the importance of life! Friends, family loved ones! but NO Henry just killed a load of people! Oh and i agree with Immie and Chloe, but Charlotte T’s point is verry vallid too! He had a hard life1 But taking it out on inocent poeple1 is that really right?????

  91. Matt Johnson Says:

    I dissagree Danielle! I think Henry VIII was a man. He may of used some of his powers wrongly, and had been too big for his boots, but he did become king! If he was some kind of monster, then his subjects probubly would of rebelled. The other thing is that monsters DON’T exist!!!!!!!!

  92. Ben styles Says:

    I thinkn Henry the VII is a monsters because of all the horrible thing he’s done:

    The Good: He set up the english navy with a faumous war ship (Mary Rose)
    He was also faumous for writing song e.g. Greensleeves

    The bad: His third wife died after having his son Edward the VI.
    He had two divorced to of his wives.
    Stole from the monestories to stop him being bankrupt.

    The ugly: He beheaded two of his wives.
    He beheaded 54,000 people
    He was a war lover and risked his welth and the country starting them.

    So thats why i thought he was a monster and he did more horrible things than he did good things.

  93. David Rye Says:

    Personally I think Henry VIII is a monster and a man because he beheaded one of his wives just because he got fed up with her. He was spoilt as a child and maybe this had something to do with how he behaved when he was an adult. He had six wives and if he thought it wasn’t working he either divorced or beheaded them. The death of Jane Seymour his third wife had a big impact on his life because he loved her the most 😦 Also his passionate love for music and sport showed he had a human side to his character.
    He thought men were the strongest and that only a man could rule the country.
    Also the death of his mother, when he was only young, could have affected his life for years.

  94. Becky Gatling Says:

    Hi !!!!!! Henry the 8th defo monster! like i said before he had a streak of evilnes in him! Just 2 let u know a did a big blog but then accidently clicked exit so that was soooooo anoying1 anyway, bak 2 henry! I think he was verry sexist as he did not except his baby girls so did something nasty to his wives! I would have wanted to see wat it was like in those times with him ruelling! Henry is defo very siggnificant as he bought England and Wales together that was about the only piece of man he had in him as everything else was MONSTER! I dont think the fact that he was obise helped as its a rubbish example to his peopleb and not the right way to live at all1 Not a great role model was our Henry!Yes in a way i feel sorry for him buthe did not need to take out his anger on his OWN people thats NOT right i think his sexistnes( excuse the made u[p word) tipped the boat over for me there as He was soooooo0oo evil to girls and women ! He was a bad rueler in my eyes and no5t the best looking chap in the world! xxxxx Becky

  95. Adele Croxall Says:

    Heyyyyy!!!! Henry Viii is a definate monster… :/ He was a very sexist man which is wrong i think you should be happy with what children you have and not hate them because of their gender!!! He married 6 women and eventually killed them. (Bad-man-ting!) Henry was known for his role in the seperation of the Church Of England and Roman Catholic Church. He was a bad man! Gtg now! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx Dilly Croxall 🙂

  96. Evie :D Says:

    I think that Henry the VIII was a monster! He had 6 wives and executed two of them and divorced another two of them, I wouldn’t really call him a man for that! Plus he killed lots of Monks and destroyed monastery’s! Also i think that he was very nasty of the way he treated women by not wanting a girl as a child and calling one of his wives an ugly horse! Not a particularly nice man. He was also a war lover and there really no point in that!

  97. eddie Says:

    I think that henry VIII was a monster. I think this because he killed tons of monks and nuns just because they had loads of gold and they had a different religion to him. He had six wives, (which is very greedy!), he killed two, divorced two, one died, one survived; he called one a smelly cow. He nicked lots of peoples money and killed about 78,000 people. by the time he was 66 he was so fat all that he could do was lie in bed because he couldn’t fit through his bedroom door!

    Henry was a fat, ugly, nasty man who enjoyed watching people die and having young wives who didn’t necessarily like him. HE WAS A MONSTER.

  98. Georgie Bertenshaw :-) Says:

    I think Henry was a monster because he just killed anybody for the sake of it and he was extreamly sexist as he hated the girls he had and didn’t want them to take the thrown. He should be happy with what he has. he killed two of his wife’s because of that i think its disgusting. he forced many of his wife’s to marry him when im sure they didn’t want to and thought he was a pig ugly fat brutal mine who was very crewel. 🙂

  99. Dawson101 Says:

    There are only three things I can say about the age of Henry the 8th that I know are 100% true, 1st he was completely controled by his sexual desires, he felt it his right as king to have what ever woman he wanted (even when he was married) and tore his country apart to get Anne Bolyn to be his wife (but more importantly sleep with her and have a son) and at that time nobody new it was actually the male that determined the sex of the baby. If anyone actually looks at his history and not just some movies about him they shall see plain and clear that despite what people thought was important (that he wasn’t a woman) he was as poor a ruler as they come. 2nd is that to thoughs sexist idiots parading on how accurate they think there being when they say “Woman cannot make good rulers. And to the entire age of Henry the 8th, they are all wrong! And it pleasers me to say that based purely on fact, Henrys daughter (yes a woman!) was as great and strong a ruler as they come, and literally SAVED England from destruction when Spain became a huge threat, and considering how long ago that was and how sexist they were back then, if a woman can be a better ruler then her father in every way so long ago just imagine what the woman of today can overcome and achieve? That’s all I have to say and I’m proud of my opinion.

  100. Katie Says:

    Reasons why I HATE Henry VIII are:

    1. He was a sexist pig!
    2. If you look at history, he was the reason of Ireland’s suffering before we broke free.
    3. He killed TWO of his wives and didn’t care if one of them died (Catherine of Aragon). Oh, and did you know he wanted to imprison Catherine Parr??
    4. He saw woman as ways to have children and sex!
    5. He didn’t care about Mary and Elizabeth.
    6. He expected people to obey him 24/7

    Reason why I LIKE Henry VIII is:

    1. He made history fun and interesting.

    There is only one reason I like him. I do like to learn about him, but he was an ASS!!!!!!

  101. randomguy Says:

    Before claiming Henry VIII was “plain evil” and a sexist maybe you should realize it was NORMAL in those times. Why blame the king for the norm of the time. Although he did do many bad things in life. In some ways he is a star in others he is a monster.

  102. astrogeek101 Says:

    Read this if you cannot stand all those executions of his friends after 1536: The king had an ulcered gash on his leg. Whenever he put weight on his leg, the pain was so piercing, he could not walk. He was in almost constant pain. How would you act in his situation?

  103. lilliana Says:

    3 words ,i would leave and rather die of starvation then have my head cut off by HIS executioner and be laughed at

  104. radical redhead Says:

    I’m shocked at the sheer level of cultural misogyny that existed then (and still does in parts of the world today). I read that Henry 8th spent much time planning Anne’s execution, and seeing the version of her execution in Wolf Hall on television I started to feel intense anger. Anger at the power and control men, the state and the church had over women. Henry 8th is a murdering psychopath. His wives had committed no crime (except to be female and not give him the son he needed to placate a misogynisict culture).

    What’s even more depressing is the modern day ‘historian’ apologist, denying the brutality and misogyny.

  105. Alisha Says:

    I had to write an essay on how Henry VIII should be remembered and it was like 6 pages long! I guess I’ll let you guys know what grade I got and I could tell you some of the techniques and the information about Henry VIII. I have to say though, some of the information you guys have included was very useful since I used some of it in my essay! Thanks guys!

  106. Erin Says:

    My view is he thought because he was king he do and say anything he wanted and no living man could do anything about it. He also probably thought that because he was an anointed king that he would go to heaven no matter the terrible things that he did….
    But my guess is, he didn’t even get ANYWHERE near them pearly gates!
    He may have made some changes that ended up being the better for their country, but lets not forget, it wasn’t all his doing.

  107. Libby Says:

    Henry VIII wasted all the money that his father, Henry VII, saved on banquets which led to his infamous size.

    He also killed numerous people, the youngest recorded of these being a five year old boy who stole bread.

    Henry is most well known for his six wives, though, according to the Catholic Church, only four of them were real. He also had multiple illegitimate children, with claims up to 25!

    However, Henry is also known for ‘Greensleeves’ the song he wrote/had written for Anne Boleyn. Because of this and other influences, Henry is known for leading the development of culture and entertainment.

  108. Grace Says:

    He was not sexist cus in the olden days girls was not allowed to go to school

  109. kaif khan Says:

    Henry the viii was sexist because he married a variety of women to get a son and heir that will inherit the tudor dynasty. The reason why he wanted a son that they were brave strong skilled and intelligent the abilities what great leaders need. Furthermore, spent more time with his son Edward vi less time with Mary and Elizabeth just because they war girls. The only reason Henry viii admired his son so that he could make his Tudor lineage proud he loved his son more than his wives and daughters. Also, he was cruel and did a lot of executions because so his name could be scared of his name and even deceived, threatened and manipulated everyone so that they will not rebellion against.

    I am a 12 year old boy by the way and i luv history.

  110. Ethan Read Says:

    Henry the 8th was a bit of both. As you can see he obviously beheaded 2 of his wives but he was good enough to be a good monarch. He carried on the family bloodline. But he also broke the churches rules and divorced 2 wives. Just wanting to divorce Jane of Arrogant lead to hundreds of catholic churches being burnt. So in conclusion he was just another king in the Tudor era. They were harsh but fair. Ethan Read homework for HTW.

  111. Jessica Taylor Says:

    I think Henry VIII was a monster because he married, beheaded and devorced 6 woman just to get a son. Although he was following his Dads orders it was still very extreame. And all because he throught woman were not worthy to rule England. I think Henry VIII was very wrong because we now have a woman ruling England and things are fine. Surley if you were one of the woman that lived during that time you would never agree to marring Henry VIII on the count that he might kill you on something that is really pot luck.

    Homework for HTW (A3)

  112. Georgina Coupe Says:

    I agree. I think Henry VIII was a monster because he beheaded two of his wives and divorced another two of them. All he ever wanted was a son to take over the throne after him but if one of his wives didn’t give birth to a male, Henry wasn’t happy. He did follow his dad’s orders but I think it is a bit extreme to kill or divorce his wives on something that just came to luck. As he became older he became more beastly and grumpy towards his court, using the threat ‘there was no a head so fine he would not make it fly’.

    Henry also burnt and destroyed many monasteries when he broke away from the Catholic Church and created the Church of England which he made himself the head.

    However, there was a nice side to Henry. He was also very talented. By the age of 10 he could play a number of instruments leading on to him composing his own music and poetry.He was also very good at archery, wrestling, tennis and horse riding.

    Homework for HTW (A3)

  113. Daniel Pearce :) Says:

    I think Henry VIII is a “MONSTER” because if you were a real man you wouldn’t treat a women by beheading her, the only reason he wanted a women was to make his dad proud, but he didn’t make his wife as happy as you should!!!!!! He disagreed with the pope because the pope didn’t want him to break up with Catherine Of Aragon (a Spanish princess). However, Henry was a kind gentlemen when he was younger and certainly good at jousting, he was also a very talented man, he was brilliant at dancing and hunting!

    Homework for HTW A3

  114. Bethany Blight Says:

    In my point of view, Henry VIII was a monster. His wives didn’t have any sons so Henry decided to divorce two of them and behead another two. In Henry’s defence all he wanted to do was follow his fathers orders and marry a woman so she could give birth to a son to be his heir. But instead one of his wives had two daughters, so he decided to kill her. Which is another reason for Henry VIII to be a monster instead of a great leader.

  115. Lillie Says:

    He is sexist. He had 6 wives and treated them all badly, just because the woman couldn’t have a son, he would kill her, and move on. As soon as he had had enough he would just find a new wife, nice.. Man or monster? Monster!

  116. Harry Nixon Says:

    I think that henry VIII is a monster because he killed 3 of his wives because they didn’t give henry VIII a son. He also treated his wives very badly. Henry thought that women were not worthy to rule England.

  117. Beth Cook Says:

    I think that Henry VIII is a monster as he had six wives and treated them all horrendously. His first wife he divorced, the second was beheaded, the third died, the fourth he also divorced and the again beheaded his fifth. His final wife survived but Henry then died. He killed two of his wives because neither of them gave birth to a baby boy so he had them killed. The wife that died was due to childbirth she had a baby boy in her but then died. Henry got highly annoyed after her death.

  118. DAN!!! Says:

    i think henry the VIII was a monster as he didn’t care for England for example he made an entire new church just so he could get a divorce from his first wife leading on from that he also killed three of his wives and i speculate the reason he did this was only because they didn’t give him a boy to him.

  119. Alex Henwood Says:

    In my opinion Henry VIII is not exactly the nicest man to have ever lived but he is definitely not the worst. Yes he was sexist but a lot of people were back then because that’s the way it was, men were in charge. It might not be fair but ,but that was the way things were. And about all his wives, he only killed two because they didn’t bare him a son. Two were divorced and 2 in every 3 marriages end in divorce, so two in six ending in divorce is pretty good. One that outlived him and one that he supposedly loved the most died in child birth, who gave him the son he wanted. With the killing of two wives, sometimes marriage get stressful. And about the church idea I agree with henry church is for praying its not an art gallery, you don’t want to be distracted while praying.

  120. Oliver wasey Says:

    I think he is a monster because he killed many of his wives just because they did not have boys. He also claimed that one of his wives were a witch. He also treated people badly

  121. Jamas drohan Says:

    I think that Henry 8th was a monster as he beaded two of his wifes because they wouldn’t give him a son and divorced 2 as well

  122. saffron burrough Says:

    I think that Henry the 8th is an evil man and a sexist man. He as
    killed 3 of his wives just because Henry wouldn’t let them have a son. He said that woman were not worthy to rule England.

  123. Sophie Says:

    I think that Henry VIII was a monster because he killed two of his wives and divorced another two of them just because they didn’t give him a son. He also treated all of his wives badly except for the one who gave him a son It wasn’t their fault so why should they be killed for it? He was also sexist, he didn’t think women were as important as men.

  124. Grace Says:

    I reackon he is a bit of a monster cause of the horrible things he did but you’ve got to remember that he did do good things for England so he isn’t all bad like you think

  125. Izzy Fenn Says:

    I think henry was a monster and a man! Monster:he was a monster because he killed some of his wives becasue they didnt give him a son, he treated all his wives very badly and killled tons of people (most of them were inisent) Man: i think he was also a man becasuse he turned Engaland into what it is now, if it wasnt for henry the pope would still be in charge of all the churches.

  126. Megan Rogers Says:

    i think henry was a very selfish person. he killed at least two of his wives because they didnt give him a son. This is so horrible which proves he is a monster and not a man.

  127. reuben leiser Says:

    i think henry was a monster because he killed 6 out of seven wives, which now would be a criminal offence. but back then everyone would call him a good king.

  128. jodie Says:

    I think that he was a horrible man as he married 6 ladies and he killed some of them because he wanted a child that was a boy because when he was younger and his dad died and so did his brother so the one thing that his dad wanted was him to have a son so that he could take over after he died when he was oler he was dscribe as a fat man bt when he was a teanager he was described as a handsome young man I think that he is a monster and not a man

  129. Atlas Says:

    Henry VIII was a monster likely burning in hell. The Church of England is illegitimate in every way. It’s basis of foundation is ludicrous. Henry founded C of E simply so he could justify doing whatever he pleased no matter how psycho his latest urges were. You pretty much need to found your own church when your moral compass starts getting in the way of everything. He was a petulant tyrant whose legacy should be iraddicated. Sexist? Yes. Unfaithful? Yes. Murderous? Certainly. Hope he enjoys eternal damnation.

    Honestly if anyone does think he was a good king, they are what is wrong with the world. England deserved better…it is a great country but Henry was a terrible. This isn’t even debatable.

  130. riley scotcher Says:

    I think henry the VIII is mean and likes to rule the world like its all his by him self. He eats a lot and is miserable all the time and hates people watching him do stuff. He made a church just so he could have a devorce. He loved killing his wives all he wanted was a boy. He loved making the people feel bad and make them hate god telling them that he is not real and they belived the villains so they all fought just over henry the VIII changing their religions.

    Riley Scotcher

  131. Ellie Styles Says:

    I think Henry VIII is a monster because i killed may people and made himself the pope

  132. Georgina N Says:

    Henry was a horrible man because he tortured and executed people who didn’t believe what he believed, but without him the church would probably be different and we wouldn’t have the navy.

    His behavior towards women was a bit sexist but a lot of people were back then, even some women thought that they shouldn’t be doing things just because men said so, so to Henry it was probably just normal behavior for a man like him.

    However, it was very monstrous to divorce or execute his wives just because they couldn’t give him a son. It’s perfectly fine to want a son but to go to such extreme levels, hurting others in the process, is over the top.

    Overall, I think Henry was quite a monstrous man in the later stages of his life but Britain wouldn’t be the way it is now without him.

  133. wilbee Butterfield Says:

    xX Henry the VIII Xx

    All good that was caused was a accident.

    He was a very selfish man and if he didn’t get what he wanted he would kill you he killed thozens of people just because thay sed No.
    He nearly bankrupt the country twise but he didn’t care his farther worked hard to earn money and all henry did was spend it.

    In conclusion i think Henry was a monster not a man!

  134. Libby Rowland :0 Says:

    Henry the vIII was a horrible man, he married six ladies and killed 3 of them. The main reason why he killed some of his wives was because they promised him a boy but they all gave birth to girls. One of his wives had a boy in there tummy but then she died due to childbirth , Henry got highly annoyed.

    However, there was a nice side to Henry. He was also very talented. By the age of 10 he could play a number of instruments leading on to him making his own music and poetry.He was also very good at archery, tennis and horse riding.

    Henry disagreed with the pope because the pope didn’t want him to break up with Catherine Of Aragon (a Spanish princess) so she got really angry. Henry thought that woman were not worthy to rule England lots disagreed with that and got upset especially the woman.

    Henry was largely remembered as a bully who executed,oversaw and destroyed most of religious buildings. Henry Vlll brought religious upheaval to England. When he became king, most people belonged to the Catholic Church, which was owned by the Pope, in Rome.

    The only wife that he really loved was called Catherine Parr she was his last wive but sadly he pasted away and left her in charge all alone,she was the son of King Edward III.

    I know now that Henry the viii was a man and a monster. i hope you know that to.

  135. Kamal_069 Says:

    Henry is a savage he killed women for no reason and thought women were unfit to rule a country . He was a sexist

  136. Ellie Styles Says:

    1.He changed the church so that Kings or Queens cannot be Catholic 2.He married six different people and killed two making most people think he is evil.3.He had 3 children just so he could have a son because he said that women were not worthy to rule the country so I suppose he was a he was sexist. Number 1. is a present significance as it has carried on though out all these years. Number 2. is a contemporary significance as it was only mainly important at the time and number 3 is a casual significance because Henry VIII’s life was never the same after as everyone thought about him differently.
    I think Henry VIII was both man and monster

    also if you think about it like this it was henry’s fault he didn`t have a son at first because women can only produce x chromosomes but men can produce both.

  137. Tuana Fabulous Says:

    no one quite knows if he was a monster or a man. it just depends on which part your looking from. For example (for a monster point of view ) he killed lots of people, people think he’s a terrible ruler because he killed people.(for a man point of view) he killed people to look stronger and there wasn’t many rebels because they knew they would get killed by him. So as i said it just depends which way you look from

    By Tuana Sabah xoxoxo

  138. Beth FL Says:

    Henry The 8th was a horrible man and treated women poorly. Firstly he had 6 wives. The first he divorced, the second he be-headed, the third died, the fourth he divorced, the fifth be-headed survived. He overtook the Pope and made the Church Of England just so he could divorce one wife and marry then next. He killed or divorced his wife’s that gave birth to girls because he saw girls unfit to rule England, therefore wanting a boy.

  139. dave Says:

    The king was not a bad man cromwell was the bad one yes henry may of killed 2 of his wifes but anne was wrongly killed due to cromwells lies yes many died under our tudor king but was all cromwells doing

  140. Lori Says:

    Monster. I have tried to see it otherwise. He was horrible.

  141. DimmedLight (;一_一) Says:

    This is old, about 8 years old… WHY NOT IMMA RIGHT?

    I’m doing this as an assignment for history, my end of year test, basically. Here I go.

    Also, before I start, I’m going to say that the articles I will use are ‘good articles’ and semi-protected articles (by Wikipedia). This means that the information I’m using is revised, re-read over and trustworthy.


    From reading the information, I personally believe that Henry VIII was a man, however, it could also be said that he was a monster, depending on the person’s view.

    Let’s address the first piece of evidence, wives. He had 6 different ones he married.

    Number 1) Catherine of Aragon, 1509 – 1533.
    He loved Catherine of Aragon, despite him being forced to marry her after the death of his brother who was married to Catherine. The reason he divorced her was that she was incapable of delivering a male child. This was so an heir to the throne could be born. He didn’t want to divorce, but Catherine understood. He stayed married to this Catherine the longest.

    Number 2) Anne Boleyn, 1533 – 1536
    According to Wikipedia, “Henry disliked Anne’s constant irritability and violent temper.” “After a false pregnancy or miscarriage… he saw her failure to give him a son as a betrayal.” She was sent into shock, from the injury of Henry (Henry’s personality is have thought to have changed from this head injury), then lost the child she was pregnant with later. He then executed her for the same reason he divorced Catherine.

    Number 3) Jane Seymour, 1536 – 1537
    He loved this wife very much, it was probably his most favoured wife. Sadly, Jane Seymour died 12 days after giving birth to Edward (who would become Edward VI) from an infection.
    Henry was quite deeply affected and put in shock for a short while. Several sources including Wikipedia say that Henry suffered serious paranoia for a few days, then suffered more minor paranoia. He also didn’t marry for 3 years after, which was quite large, since the next largest gap in his marriages is about 1 and 3/4 years.

    Number 4) Anne of Cleves, 1540 – 1540
    The reason that Henry decided to marry Anne of Cleves, was the strengthen the relationship with England and Germany, which was recorded to be quite tense, which was on the verge of breaking. To avoid this, he married Anne.
    He didn’t like the look of her upon meeting her. Regardless, he still married her. Contrary to popular belief, he asked Anne for an annulment (not a divorce), to which she agreed. He then after called her his ‘sister’.
    He is said to have called her a ‘Flander’s mare’, however, whether or whether not he had actually said anything along the lines of that is unknown.

    Number 5) Catherine Howard, 1540 – 1541
    Catherine Howard was a young character however, she had multiple affairs with other men during her marriage to Henry. For this very reason, she was beheaded. Not much else is known about Henry’s relationship with Catherine.

    Number 6) Catherine Howard, 1543 – 1547 (Henry’s death.)
    Catherine Howard was very popular amongst most people and even spent quite a bit of her time with Henry’s daughters. She was more a nurse than a wife, due to Henry’s age. Eventually, he did die and Catherine Howard after re-married.

    After reading this information, it seemed that his main motive was to get a son to succeed, had a reason behind the execution of two of the wives and did have the ability to love. Therefore, using this information, I conclude that Henry VIII was a man.

    Also included in the information above, “Henry’s personality is have thought to have changed from this head injury.” Before this accident, he was thought to be a very great young king. He held many parties and made the first ever royal navy. He also rode at the front of battles, a feature that the soldiers fighting were fond of. However, he was quite terrible with his money, spending it on various important and unimportant things, but not conserving much money. After his head injury, he was thought to have suffered brain damage, causing his change in personality. To add to this, some unverified web pages has said: “57,000 to 72,000 people were executed… however this is likely to be an exaggeration.”

    Using the information in the paragraph above, he seemed to be a man before his injury but shifted to being a monster after his shift in personality.

    To conclude this, I have decided that, using the 6 wives Henry’s had and extra various information, Henry was a man, not an immoral monster as some people seem to see him as.

    It’s 11:00PM / 23:00 Right now. Please send help…;-;
    *I started this at 6:30 PM with a 30-50 minute break. Probably more, because I was procrastinating…

  142. JR Says:

    He was very influential to the rise of Protestantism, but was still a sexist asshole. Yes, most were sexist but he was also a whore who treated women as playthings, framed and murdered innocent people to get his way, and executed others for committing the sins he himself did often. His advancement of Protestantism wasn’t so much because he thought it was God’s will as that he wanted a quicky divorce.

  143. NOBODY Says:

    He wasn’t sexIstanbul exactly. At that time women weren’t thought ofor as fighters. So, HenRye thought that his country would be in danger. At the end of his reign he did realise that his son wouldn’t make a good king and that his daughters would actually make good rulers. I am NOT sexist and I’m not picking sides because I am female myself.

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